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Real-estate and investment worldwide

Nowadays, more and more people are living abroad, sharing their time between two countries, or just having a nomad way of life. We can assume that many of us will become really citizens of the world, instead of staying just french, american, british or german nationals.

Where to invest one's money... Is it better to keep it home, or to send one's captital abroad? Why not buy away? But where? Which are the most appealing countries for investment, the most valuable places? What are the difficulties? How to invest with a good confidence level and how to start?

All these questiosn are treated in this category devoted to international property market and worldwide investment. In order to help the world citizen to invest home, that is to say... worldwide.

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International property market

An insight of real-estate around the world. Tends, analysis, prices, income rates. You will find in this category much information concerning international property market, in particular in Thailand,...

Economical context

This category is focused on the analysis of social and economical contexts abroad, particularly in emerging countries and with a special attention for south-eastern Asia. Figures, trends, growth...

Laws and rules

It's not very simple to navigate among the laws of your own country, so you can imagine what it becomes when you have to cope with the laws and legislation abroad. This category will not replace a...

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Buddhist ceremony: inauguration of the new agency of My Home Abroad in Silom

End of October 2010, the team of the International Property Broker My Home Abroad has inaugurated the new office of this company selling properties worldwide, in Thailand, Bali, Senegal, Philippines, France and Miami. A Buddist monk came to the new agency of My Home Abroad, located at Silom Grand terrace - 1/235 Soi Saladaeng, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand. The usual rites of buddhist blessing ceremony was performed by the monk in order to bring luck, hapiness and wealth to the people working here.

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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Thailand properties for sale at the 16th Paris Real Estate Trade Show

Once again, during the big real estate event of September, Thailand had a great success! French clients were  attracted by prices about three times lower than what they are used to with the french property market. The beautifull investement and leisure opportunities presented by My Home Abroad during the event and the conference had a great impact on the customers mind. 

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