If you walk in a shopping mall in Thailand, you'll often notice them: transsexual employees working in shops. This shows that modern Thai society is well open-minded on this subject, and that the third part of mankind is well integrated in Thailand, more than Western countries at least. The yet to open Thai company PC Air, which first flight is planned in Marsh 2011, has gone further in open-mindedness as it they officially opened their recrument to transsexual persons.

Among the first applicants to be selected, Thanyarat Jirapatpakorn, Miss Tiffany Universe 2007, who had failed to work as a stewardness despite her beauty queen status.

There is a big transsexual community in Thailand, and as everywhere in the world, these people often complain about beeing discriminated.

But it is not sure yet whether PC Air will really take-off and fly towards a more tolerant world.