Here are a few views of Mount Agung, taken from diverse parts of Bali.

At dawn, the volcano is raddiating in sunset light. The following view is taking from Amed, in the evening.

There is nothing like admiring Mount Agung at sunset, from the swimming pool.

Usually, the large Volcano is always keeping a cloudy scarf around its mighty neck during day time. The giant must be either shy or chilly... Except in the morning, when you can see it naked in the rosy sky of sunrise. The next picture is taken from a boat, in the morning, on the sea, near Amed.

A picture that you must take when going around the mountain: Mount Agung surrounded by the terrific landscape of green rice fields. This one was catched from the road on the way to Besakit temple. 

And more water and rice fields facing the chilly giant.