Only one hour away from Manila by plane, the island is much visited from November to July, with a seasonal peak around december, february and Easter. Golf, diving, funboard, Boracay offers to visitors plenty of fun and leisure, all in a 7km range. The time when this shore used to be a back-packers rendez-vous is far behind us. Every January, occurs Boracay International Funboard Cup. The wind blowing all the year on half of the island turns it into a very appropiate place for sailing and funboard sports. But nature has organised things perfectly, since only half of the island is exposed to wind, the other part stay quiet and is a paradise for swimming and sunbath.
With only 4000 units available for a yearly million tourists, we can bet that the place will stay very profitable for long. With its small size, this paradise land strip should reach saturation within 5 years, and it will not be possible to build further after that point. Prices should therefore take a climbing curve.
Because, Boracay also has ambition. Several projects are in the pipe, such as the creation of a wellness center and a clinic in the Fairways and Bluewater residence. The best Filipino doctors and surgeons working abroad in famous european and american hospitals would come to Boracay to provide plastic surgery, breast operation, hormonal treatments, and other medical treatments. There is chance for Boracay to become a new destination for medical and health tourism.
But Ike S. Guanio, the general manager of Fairways and Bluewater golf and resort is mentionning another project. According to him, it is also planed to build a casino in the residence.
Many western people, sensing the yield potential of this island, have already bought there. Just like in Phuket, you see in Boracay more and more Russians obviously coming there to escape the climat they have at home. It seems that Norsemen and slav people are putting an option on paradise islands around the world, as a growing number of them are buying properties there. Boracay is not an exception.
But in the meanwhile, the island stay a friendly place, where young couples come for their honey-moon.