If you can afford it, do not hesitate, even a minute, it's a pearl, with a terrific view on Andaman sea.

Let's start the visit with a charming tropical garden, which refreshing shade will be a delight at the hottest moment of the day.

The swimming pool and a parasol, compulsary for a nap on the sunny terrasse afer swimming.

The biggest the pool, the better.

How can you live without having an extraordinary view on the bay, somewhere along a tropical shore?

To enjoy perfect harmony, the pool, the sky and the sea must merge, be part of one unique blue element...

But with a yellow parasol, it's maybe not so bad...

Under the porch roof, you forget about time, admiring this daily post-card. Do you think you could weary the view?

The glamor would not be complet without a touch of exotism and tropical refinement:
The word balcony only takes its full meaning with such a view, in the morning, when you jump of your bed, stretch, and go out on this large area to face and admire the turquoise hugeness of Andaman sea.
Are you sure that you know what is an interior?
Become fully aware how far go the word luxury and the word refinement...  

Some details in the next pictures are confirming to you that you indeed are in Thailand at this moment.
What's the point having a pool if not an infinity pool? An infinity pool, what else! 
Here, I don't think any comment will be necessary.

I know, tomorrow you are commuting in subway to go to work, but so do I, don't get jaleaous...