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Saturday, 19 June 2010

High yield in Boracay, Philippines

Tourists are maybe less familiar with the Philippines than other famous destinations such as Thailand or Bali. Yet, you will often meet Australiens, Germans, Russians or Japonese in the big archipelago. White sand, cristal clear water and beaches bordered with coconut trees, Boracay island clearly has a few assests to claim and the island is obviously in position to stay a must among tourism spots in south Asia. Beside, White Beach, the 4km long beach on the island west coast has recently been polled "most beautifull beach in the world", after a Yahoo survey.
As a matter of fact, Boracay would be the ideal spot to spend dream holidays. There is nothing chocking with the fact that a billion tourists visit every year this 10 kilometers square island.

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Monday, 15 March 2010

Ishigaki-jima, une île paradisiaque au sud du Japon

Sable très blanc, eaux limpides à 29°C, coraux, poissons multicolores, raies mantas et mangroves : l'île Ishigaki a tous les atouts d'une destination paradisiaque. Elle est toutefois plus confidentielle que sa grande soeur Okinawa, laquelle attire chaque année une foule de touristes nippons, qui visitent les Iles Ryu Kyu pour goutter la cuisine locale, profiter des plages, se baigner et plonger parmi les paisibles requins-baleines.

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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Merveilles aquatiques de l'île de Mindoro

L'archipel des Philippines est une destination à plongeurs. C'est l'un des coins au monde où la faune aquatique est la plus riche, la plus variée. 

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